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Can Stress And Anxiety Be Considered Damages In An Injury Claim?

If you’ve been injured because someone else was negligent – in a traffic accident or in any other accident scenario – you are entitled by Florida law to compensation for your physical injuries. But, can you be compensated for the anxiety, stress, and psychological toll that an injury takes on you? Any illness or injury [...]

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Is Florida’s Sovereign Immunity Law Outdated?

If you’ve heard that “you can’t fight City Hall,” what you’ve heard is only partially true. Local, state, and federal governments and governmental agencies, including school districts, are generally protected against personal injury lawsuits by an ancient legal principle known as “sovereign immunity.” EXACTLY WHAT IS SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY? Sovereign immunity exempts governments and governmental agencies [...]

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Most Common Injuries From Rear-End Car Accidents

These are the most common injuries arising from rear-end automobile collisions: traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other head injuries broken bones and ribs facial disfigurement paralysis spinal cord injuries whiplash Rear-end auto collisions are far too common in Florida, and the injuries that happen in these accidents cost the victims millions every year in medical [...]

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The Rights Of Florida Nursing Home Patients

Do you have an elderly loved one living in a Florida nursing home or adult assisted living facility? If so, then you need to know what your loved one’s rights are – and what to do if those rights are violated by the nursing home. Federal and state laws regulate nursing homes and Florida’s other [...]

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Car Accidents In Company Vehicles

Driving a company car can be a real benefit, but what if you have an accident in a company car? Who pays? And what if you're injured? You are about to learn these answers and more. The answers to questions about accidents in company cars depend on whether the driver was acting within the "scope" [...]

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Proving Liability After A Slip And Fall Accident

What happens if you slip and fall on a sticky or wet floor at a mall, a grocery store, or at a restaurant, and you're injured? To receive compensation for your injuries, you'll have to show that the owner of the property was negligent. Will you be able to do that? What does it take [...]

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Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

What's the best way to handle a personal injury claim in the state of Florida? What can a personal injury victim say or do that helps – or hurts – when that victim seeks monetary compensation for his or her medical care, lost wages, and related expenses? Anyone can be injured by someone else's negligence, [...]

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Sports-Related Injuries: Who Pays The Bills?

Nearly 30 million children and teens take part in youth sports in the United States. If your child is injured playing organized sports – at school or anywhere else – do you have legal options? What is the law in the state of Florida? Is your child at risk? Keep reading, and you'll learn what [...]

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When To Make An Auto Insurance Claim

In the state of Florida, when you're involved in a traffic collision, you immediately face some important questions and deadlines. How long do you have to file an insurance claim? If the other driver was at fault, do you file the claim with that driver's insurance company or with your own? When should you consider [...]

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How Does No-Fault Insurance Work In Florida?

Some of your concerns regarding Florida auto insurance laws will probably be addressed in this short and general examination of the topic, but if you are the person injured by a negligent driver on a street or highway in the Tampa Bay area, you should obtain specific and personalized legal advice promptly from an experienced [...]

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