Chiropractors for Accident Injuries in New Port Richey

New Port Richey auto accident victims may find themselves facing chronic pain and even potential disabilities stemming from the auto collision. In many cases, these disabling, chronically painful injuries involve extremely important parts of the body including the spine. As such, neck and back injuries commonly occur in a car accident due to the harsh head and body movements that occur at the moment of impact.

There are many medical treatment options available beyond physical therapy, massage, and surgery. One of these treatment options is called chiropractic care.

Chiropractors are typically regarded as alternative medicine professionals, although the “alternative” designation should not be a deterrent, as many patients find relief for their injuries from working with an experienced chiropractor.


A Look at the Best Chiropractors in Tarpon Springs

Chiropractors are well-regarded for their ability to diagnose and treat neuromuscular ailments. Neck and back injuries fall into this category, and many clients report finding significant relief from chiropractic adjustments and other treatments.

The legal team at the law offices of personal injury lawyer Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. have compiled a list of some of the top New Port Richey chiropractors for car accident victims, as we believe it’s important to provide our clients with access to relevant resources and information after a collision.

We developed our list of the top car accident injury chiropractors in New Port Richey by looking at client feedback, online reviews, and ratings. Using this method, the following chiropractors were ranked as the best in the New Port Richey area.

  • Avery Chiropractic & Wellness Center – Located at 5634 Gulf Drive in New Port Richey, FL. Call 727-848-3663.
  • Kehoe Family Chiropractic – Located at 7212 Massachusetts Avenue in New Port Richey, FL. Call 727-859-9700.
  • Hacht Cara DC PA – Located at 8052 Old Co Road 54 in New Port Richey, FL. Call 727-375-5858.
  • Baywest Health & Rehab LLC – Located at 5633 State Road 54 in New Port Richey, FL. Call 727-372-0091.

If you have health insurance, remember to ask the practice that you’re considering if they accept your insurance provider. If not, you may need to pay out of pocket, but remember that you can get coverage for medical bills from your PIP coverage via your auto insurance company, and you can seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit too. Some chiropractors also offer services for an affordable flat rate fee.

Also, make sure to remember to keep a copy of all your medical bills, documents, and health records. These documents should be kept safe and shared with your personal injury lawyer.

new port richey car accident lawyer

new port richey car accident lawyer

Turn to a New Port Richey Personal Injury Attorney Following an Auto Accident

A car accident can lead to significant losses and serious injuries, resulting in scarring and disfigurement, chronic pain, medical bills and even an inability to work or care for yourself independently.

If you’re facing these struggles following a car crash, contact a New Port Richey attorney like Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. You may have a viable case, providing you with a chance to recover compensation for your damages and losses.

Contact Attorney Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. today for a confidential, no-cost consultation. Call 727-781-3433.