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Did you know Florida consistently leads the nation in motorcycle deaths? Still, for many, motorcycles are a more efficient mode of transportation, especially when factoring in maintenance and fuel costs. The problem is they’re also more dangerous in many instances, and it’s not necessarily due to the motorcyclist’s actions, but rather, others who share the roadway. While the statistics vary year over year, in recent years, the trends have begun to move up in the number of motorcyclists who have lost their lives on Florida roadways. These are deaths that can be prevented and for victims’ families, they’re left with a lifelong void that was created when a driver failed to see their loved one before it was too late. For the fortunate ones who survive these types of accidents in Palm Harbor, they often suffer physical injuries that may never completely heal.


If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, odds are, there will be significant personal injuries that can lead to life long disabilities, extensive medical costs and the loss of jobs and other income. It’s no secret that insurance companies go to great lengths to protect their profits. What those who have been injured are left with is usually little more than unpaid medical bills and other financial obligations, injuries that require further treatment but go untreated due to that lack of funds and the loss of a job. That’s before pain and suffering is even taken into account. This is where an experienced motorcycle injury attorney can step up to the plate on behalf of his client. In fact, Palm Harbor personal injury attorney Jeffrey Hensley’s extensive knowledge of traumatic brain injury has proven invaluable in fighting “big insurance” on behalf of motorcycle accident victims in Florida.

For those whose lives were lost due to a motorcycle crash, family members must then consider options available to them from a legal perspective. The state of Florida defines wrongful death as any instance in which death occurs “due to the wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract or warranty of a person or persons” and usually, the “person or persons” are interchangeable with a company or other established entity. For many clients, it’s overwhelming to consider the possibility of legal avenues and this is one of the many reasons choosing a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyer requires due diligence before making that decision to pursue a legal claim in an attempt to recover compensation for your injuries.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes in Florida?

One look at the numbers is startling. Did you know that in almost half of accidents that involve a motorcycle, there is a car or truck making a left hand turn? The driver of the car makes the turn without realizing a motorcycle is going through an intersection or passing another car. The smaller size of the bike can be challenging for even the safest drivers but in nearly every motorcycle and car accident, the vehicle making the left hand turn is at fault. In some instances, both drivers – the automobile and the motorcycle – share the fault and in those instances, damages paid to the motorcyclist may be lessened.

Of course, drivers – either of the automobile or the motorcycle – who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol cause as many accidents as other distractions like texting or fumbling with the radio. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you conduct a thorough investigation with the help of experts and private investigators who have experience looking into not only motorcycle crashes, but also car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice claims, premises liability cases and beyond.

What to Look For in a Palm Harbor Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Whether you’re a grieving loved one who lost someone due to a motorcycle crash or someone who’s interested to learn more about a potential accident claim in Palm Harbor your first move should be to consult with an attorney who is familiar with Florida law.

You’ll want to find a personal injury lawyer who’s interested in the details of your case, who’s available to take your calls and who can provide answers to all of your questions. Ask friends and neighbors if they have recommendations. Is he too eager to just settle a case or is he willing to see your case through the court system if that’s what’s needed? Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a legal advocate with whom you can communicate openly. During your first consultation, you’ll want to bring any kind of paperwork associated with your claim: police reports, medical documents and witness statements and be sure to jot down any questions you have in the days leading up to your meeting.

How Do I Prove I’m Not at Fault for a Motorcycle Crash?

Many motorcycle owners who come to us are unsure as to how they can prove they didn’t cause the accident. The more evidence we can gather, the better the case and the sooner we understand what our client faces. Evidence that’s usually a part of an accident claim includes police reports, photographs, witness statements and medical reports.

Palm Harbor Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


But What Happens if Neither Driver is at Fault?

There are times when an accident occurs as a result of a defective motorcycle part, rather than due to a driver’s inattention or negligence. The first priority is to ensure the bike isn’t tampered with or modified between the accident and when it’s examined by law enforcement or your attorney. The wreckage will need to be secured in the same condition it was at the time of the accident.

There are few things more overwhelming than to learn a loved one’s been involved in an accident. If that loved one is on a motorcycle, it’s even worse. Florida has specific laws in place, including the necessity of a helmet anytime a person is on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, that’s not always guaranteed to protect those we love. We may not be able to prevent accidents, but we can help offset some of the damages if you’re injured by seeking a compensation settlement or jury award.

These cases are almost always time consuming and require experienced legal guidance. You must use caution as not every attorney dispensing legal advice offers sound recommendations that are in your best interests. Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. has helped many Palm Harbor families as they go about the business of seeking damages due to their own injuries or against parties responsible for their loved one’s death. We invite you contact Jeff and his team today to learn more about how we can help you get back to the business of living your life. Your initial consultation is free and you’ll have a better understanding of what options are available. Contact our law firm today to arrange a free case evaluation with an experienced team of car accident lawyers. Call 727-781-3433.