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At Hensley Law & Title, we’re delighted to announce the expansion of our law firm’s offerings to include real estate services such as loan closings and title insurance services. Pinellas County clients are invited to make their way to our Palm Harbor law offices where you can work with licensed title insurance agent Kimberly Hensley in addition to our personal injury attorneys.

Hensley Law & Title’s Pinellas County title insurance services provide new homeowners with the solutions and peace of mind they need to move forward in their transaction as they strive to make their dream of homeownership a reality. That’s one of the many benefits to working with a reputable, fully licensed Florida title insurance professional. If you’re purchasing a new home, turn to the professionals at a well-established Palm Harbor title insurance company and law firm, Hensley Law & Title. Call us today!


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Over 20 Years Experience

Pinellas County and Palm Harbor clients can turn to Kimberly Hensley with confidence, knowing they’re trusting their home purchase to a true professional with many years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. A licensed title insurance professional in Florida, Kimberly maintains professional relationships with a number of Palm Harbor banks, national lenders, and insurance companies.

As a Pinellas County title insurance professional, Kimberly has undergone extensive testing, and she is required to adhere to very strict requirements and guidelines. The licensing process for a Florida title professional is quite comprehensive, and only a portion of applicants qualify.

A good title insurance professional is crucial in your real estate transaction. Contact Kimberly Hensley with Hensley Law & Title today to discuss your needs by calling 727-217-5173.

Frequently Asked Questions

The loan closing process signals a very exciting time for home buyers. Your Florida title agent will oversee your loan closing process, formally known as closing services. Per Florida law, your licensed title agent will record your closing services as closing costs on your transaction disclosures.

Our closing services will include:

  • Preparing your loan documents prior to the closing;
  • Overseeing and assisting during the closing process; and
  • Disbursing funds from the closing.

Your title agent will also ensure full compliance with the loan closing instructions, sale contract, and the title commitment.

Notably, in other states, a title agent may be called by another name, such as an abstractor or escrow officer/agent. So if you have worked with one of these professionals in another region, you will likely be familiar with the general role of a title agent.

Even repeat home buyers can find the closing process intimidating due to all of the legalities and paperwork. But when you’re working with an experienced real estate law firm and Florida title insurance agency, you can move ahead with confidence knowing that you have a professional team to help guide you through the process and guard your interests.

Many clients who come to our law firm and Pinellas County title insurance agency have questions about RESPA, which is the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. RESPA was passed into law in the mid-1970s in an attempt to bring added transparency and consumer protections to the real estate buying process. RESPA also addresses fees, as full transparency is required in this regard too.

The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule – also known as TRID – created a bit of a discrepancy between the disclosed title premiums and Florida promulgated rates. As a result, you must complete a settlement statement. This must be completed in order to comply with the established rules and guidelines. Your South Florida title agent will see to it that relevant documents, including repair documents, surveys, appraisals and homeowner’s insurance policies are provided in order to prevent unnecessary delays in your transaction.

Pinellas County home buyers are often unfamiliar with title insurance, especially if they’re purchasing a home for the first time. Title insurance protects the owner and/or the lender’s financial interests in the property, guarding against losses that could result from liens or title-related problems. Title insurance secures your right to use the property in a legal manner.

Before a policy is issued for a property in Tampa or Pinellas County, title agent Kimberly Hensley will perform a comprehensive evaluation into the property’s history. She will determine if any parties have a rightful claim to the real estate, such as an heir who is linked to a prior owner. Your title agent will also determine whether there are any liens against the property, which can arise due to a debt or failure to pay taxes. These situations can delay your closing, so it’s important to ensure that all issues are properly investigated. If no problems exist and the title is “clean,” title insurance will be issued.

In Florida, title insurance is an essential part of the home buying process, and it will help you find peace of mind so you can move forward with your purchase in confidence.

Prior to your closing, you must review all documents. Take the time to read the papers and be sure to ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. A licensed title agent is a valuable resource and ally during the home buying process.

You must also remember to bring along at least one form of government-issued photo ID. Suitable forms of identification include a driver’s license, passport or a state-issued identification card.

In some cases, there may be a pre-payment stipulation as part of your lender’s contract. These fees are typically due at the closing.