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There are many Palm Harbor personal injury lawyers you could choose to help you navigate a fender bender, rear end collision or another auto accident, but the reality is, insurance companies have always been aggressive in limiting their awards and in recent years, they’ve incorporated even more aggressive ploys. You need a skilled car accident attorney who’s not imitated by their strong arm tactics and the sometimes questionable practices some employ. For more than thirty years, auto accident and personal injury lawyer Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. has worked vigorously to ensure their clients are protected after a rear end collision or fender bender.


Many underestimate these types of minor accidents and some even dismiss them completely and chalk it up to “life happens”, when in fact, there are often peripheral problems to deal with. Even after a so-called minor Palm Harbor fender bender, medical costs may follow. The same applies to rear end collisions: too often, those involved in these types of accidents don’t begin to feel pain until days later. Even then, they may continue to tell themselves they’re just a bit sore from the accident. Rear end collisions, no matter how minor they appear to be, come with delayed medical repercussions.

Aren’t Florida Drivers Required to Have Auto Insurance?

Like other states, Florida requires drivers to purchase uninsured motor’s coverage; their purpose is to cover medical expenses and wage losses in the event that one or more victims is injured, regardless of which driver was at fault. They’re not perfect, though. These types of policies can limit one’s ability to file a bodily injury claim. Our Palm Harbor accident lawyers have extensive experience with no fault policies and can help you determine if you have grounds for a rear end collision lawsuit or a fender bender lawsuit.

Even if you have been in a minor fender bender and were not injured, victims can still benefit from consulting a Palm Harbor car accident attorney is the best way to protect your interests and even your finances. This is especially important if, as a seemingly harmless rear end accident, you soon face:

  • You have medical expenses, especially if they’ve exceeded $1000;
  • You’ve missed time from work;
  • Your injuries have disabled you, even briefly;
  • You’re still experiencing pain; or
  • Any passengers with you at the time of the accident have reported pain or injuries.

How Do You Prove Fault in a Fender Bender?

Law Enforcement will memorialize the accident when they arrive by completing a police report. They will determine who was at fault. That’s not to say they’re always right in their assessments, which is another reason why contacting a Palm Harbor personal injury attorney should be a priority. Be sure you take your own photos, no matter how minimal the damage appears to be. Have your passengers make a record of what they saw either in a written document or recorded on your phone. If there are witnesses, ask them to provide their contact information in case it’s needed in the future. Be sure to let Palm Harbor law enforcement officers on the scene aware of the witness, too.

What Should I Do After a Fender Bender or Rear End Accident?

Even if the accident was minor and even if the other party agrees not to involve his insurance company and promises that both of you “walk away”, you never want to agree to that without first consulting law enforcement and an accident and injury lawyer. If contact was made by your two automobiles, then contact should be made at least with law enforcement so that they can legally and properly document the accident. Often, people who don’t want to involve law enforcement have something to hide. They are either unlicensed drivers, have no insurance or are hiding deeper secrets, such as driving while intoxicated. That’s an even more important reason to contact law enforcement. You might walk away after a minor fender bender, but if the other driver who’s been drinking drives off, he might do far worse damage a mile up the road. That’s a serious and heavy burden to live with.

We strongly encourage you to not speak or communicate with lawyers who are representing others in the case. The same applies to insurance companies representing the other party. If anything, this should reiterate to you the importance of having your own legal representation, even if you don’t believe you hold any liability. If they have legal representation, you should too. An experienced auto accident attorney can work to protect your rights and the rights of any other victims who were in your vehicle at the time of the collision.

Also, and this simply cannot be stressed enough, we vehemently advise our clients involved in minor accidents to never use language that admits or suggests fault following an accident in Palm Harbor. Avoid statements like “I’m so sorry,” “I didn’t mean to do that,” or “I didn’t even see you!” The other driver can use this against you in the police report or in court and excited utterances might be overheard by any witnesses on the scene.

Palm Harbor Car Accident Attorney


How Long Do Cases Involving Minor Fender Benders Last?

Many clients dread the thought of a drawn out court process. They reason to themselves that a settlement gets it over fast and will cover most, if not all, of their out of pocket costs. Our Palm Harbor lawyers often settle out of court when a satisfactory agreement can be made. We know most of our clients just want the wrongs righted, so to speak. Our goal is to ensure their legal and medical needs are met and to never add to their burden. While our litigators are powerful and aggressive, our negotiation skills are quite impressive, as well. In many cases, injured victims, drivers, and pedestrians can get compensation without litigation or attending court proceedings. But you need a top Palm Harbor, Florida personal injury and accident lawyer to assist with your legal claims.

We bring to the table a foundation built on strong ethics, client loyalty and a deep respect for the law we’ve chosen to protect. If you’ve been in any kind of car accident in Palm Harbor or in another area of Palm Harbor, such as Brandon, Clearwater or St. Petersburg, please consider reaching out to a qualified Palm Harbor car accident attorney as soon as possible. Together, we can assess your unique situation, your needs and the specifics associated with the rear end collision or fender bender to determine the best course of action. At a minimum, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of what your options are as you move forward. Your initial consultation is complimentary and we don’t receive payment until and unless you do. Contact our car accident attorneys today to schedule your consultation.