Tarpon Spring’s Most Car Accident Prone Intersections

According to figures from the Federal Highway Safety Administration (FHSA), an estimated 2.5 million accidents occur in intersections each year, representing about 40% of all accidents nationwide. What’s more, these intersection accidents represent about half of all serious crashes, and they are the second most common type of crash, only behind rear ending crashes.

Are you aware of which junctions are considered the most dangerous intersections in Tarpon Springs? The legal team at the law offices of Florida personal injury lawyer Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. performed an investigation to determine which local intersections rank amongst the most dangerous in Tarpon Springs.


A Look at Tarpon Spring’s Most Car Accident-Prone Intersections

Which are the most dangerous intersections in the city of Tarpon Springs? Our team evaluated reports from insurance companies, published news reports, and other sources to determine which local intersections in Tarpon Springs are considered the most dangerous.

  • The intersection of Klosterman Road and Pinellas Trail in Tarpon Springs is regarded as a very dangerous intersections for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Numerous accidents have occurred at this location over the years.
  • The intersection of US 19 and Tampa Road in Pinellas County is located near Tarpon Springs and it is ranked as one of the area’s most dangerous.
tarpon springs car accident lawyer

tarpon springs car accident lawyer

What Makes for a Dangerous Intersection?

Most drivers assume that intersections are dangerous due to drivers who run red lights or stop signs. But in reality, these crashes account for less than ten percent of all intersection accidents — about 165,000 in the 2.5 million intersection collisions that occur annually.

So what makes for an accident-prone intersection? Here are a few factors that render some intersections more dangerous than others:

  • Long straightaways — A long straightaway allows drivers to reach high speeds, whereas a twists and turns or roadways with lots of stoplights don’t allow drivers to reach high speeds with such ease.  These long straightaways also result in a higher percentage of drivers who use the intersection as a “rest stop” to use their mobile device or tend to another task, like changing the radio. This shift in awareness can increase the chances of an accident.
  • High traffic volume — The higher the traffic volume in the intersection, the more accidents you’re going to see at that location. This is true of vehicle traffic, non-motor vehicle traffic (i.e. bikes) and pedestrian foot traffic.
  • Confusing traffic markings or intersection configurations — Some large intersections are a bit confusing. This can result in driver error that leads to a collision.
  • Highways — An intersection that’s located on or near a highway can be subject to more accidents due to the presence of more out-of-town drivers who may not be familiar with the intersection.

The most dangerous intersections tend to have a combination of these elements.

If you’ve been injured in one of Tarpon Spring’s most dangerous intersections or another location, contact an experienced car accident attorney like Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. to discuss your case in a free case consultation session. Call 727-781-3433.