Top Auto Collision Repair Shops in Palm Harbor

A car accident can and will leave you with a large to-do list, from dealing with your insurance company and scheduling an appointment with the adjuster, to contacting an attorney, filing a police report, scheduling doctor’s appointments and getting your car assessed and repaired.

So how can you identify the top auto collision repair shops in the city of Palm Harbor? Well, the best shop will vary depending upon your unique needs, including the type of vehicle, the nature of the accident, the extent of the damage, and your budget. But our legal team has compiled a list of a few of the top-rated auto repair shops in Palm Harbor, Florida to consider if you’re in need of auto repairs.


A Look at Some of the Top Auto Collision Repair Shops in Palm Harbor

To create our list of some of the top auto repair shops in Palm Harbor, we looked at a few different sources that compile user reviews and ratings. We found that the following three shops were rated as the best of the best in Palm Harbor, Florida.

  • Carsmetics – Located at 32898 US-19 in Palm Harbor, FL. Call 727-669-8888.
  • Day’s Collision, Painting & Repair, Inc. – Located at 975 Florida Avenue in Palm Harbor, FL. Call 727-784-2445.
  • Carstar – Located at 36266 US Highway 19 North in Palm Harbor, FL. Call 727-210-0394.

When searching for a collision repair shop, you typically need to have your vehicle evaluated in person in order to get an accurate estimate. Some shops specialize in body work, while others specialize in mechanical work and some shops offer both. So it’s important to ensure that the car repair shop that you choose can provide you with all of the services you need to get your car back on the road.

It is always wise to request a written price quote for your collision repairs. You should also enquire about the shop’s policy for handling any unanticipated repairs that are required. Ideally, the price estimate should include any and all repairs that could possibly be required, but there are some cases where additional damage is discovered after the car is in the shop.

Some shops will include a few hundred dollars in the estimate to cover the possibility of unexpected repairs. In other cases, the shop may call you to discuss the situation to get approval for the additional fix.

You want to avoid a situation where you arrive to pick up the vehicle only to discover that the bill is far more than expected, so it is important that you discuss this matter with your auto shop in advance.

palm harbor car accident lawyer

palm harbor car accident lawyer

Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney After a Palm Harbor Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may benefit from contacting a personal injury attorney to help you to recoup the money you rightfully deserve to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Contact Palm Harbor car accident lawyer Jeffrey W. Hensley, P.A. to discuss your case in a free, fully confidential consultation. Call 727-781-3433.