A fully loaded commercial truck with cargo can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When a vehicle of this size collides with a smaller passenger vehicle the results can be devastating. The injuries sustained by the driver or passengers in the smaller vehicle can be extensive, life-threatening, or even fatal.

A skilled commercial truck accident attorney will have experience handling cases with a variety of injuries sustained from collisions. In Florida and throughout the rest of the country there are several types of injuries from commercial truck accidents that are common. Any type of injury should receive prompt medical attention following a commercial truck accident. Here are the most common types of truck accident injuries.

  • Bone fractures. The force of impact can be extremely traumatic for motorists in commercial trucking accidents. Broken bones are a common occurrence. Fractures should be looked at by a medical professional as soon as possible to speed up the healing process.
  • Brain injury. Brain injuries or head injuries occur frequently with trucking accidents. From mild concussions to injuries with long-term effects, these types of injuries are unfortunately common. The results of such injuries can result in personality changes, inability to work, life-changing disabilities, and even death. Brain and head injuries can be serious. If someone experiences head trauma from a collision, they need to seek medical help immediately. The injury may be severe and should receive prompt medical attention.
  • Spinal cord injury. Another severe type of injury frequently seen in commercial truck accident cases are injuries to the spinal cord. Similar to a brain injury, these types of injuries can be life-altering. Trauma to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis, whether temporary or permanent, or long-term pain in the area. These types of injuries will commonly require surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Burn injury. Some collisions with commercial trucks involve ruptured fuel tanks that lead to fires. The resulting burns can be painful and the fire itself can be life threatening or fatal.
  • Loss of limbs. It’s not uncommon for arms, hands, legs, or feet to be severed during a collision. Burns and trauma may also require the limb to be amputated following the accident.
  • Back or neck injury. You may have heard of whiplash. This is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly forced back and forth. This injury is common in car accidents and can be extremely painful when it occurs in a commercial truck collision. This is not the only type of neck injury that can result from the collision. Back and neck injuries are well-known consequences of truck collisions because of the force of the impact in such accidents. If you’re feeling back or neck pain the injury could be complex and should not be ignored.
  • Internal injury. It’s possible to sustain internal injuries from the force of the collision or trauma from colliding with the seat belt or airbag. Kidneys, pancreas, liver, or spleen are all subject to injury, though these are not the only areas that can be effected. These types of injuries can be serious and may come with lifelong limitations.

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