Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the perfect sandwich for lunch. Whether that sandwich is piled high with healthy vegetables or smothered in gooey cheese, you’ll find the right sandwich to hit the spot in Palm Harbor, Florida. Here are some of the best places to get a sandwich in Palm Harbor.

The Lucky Dill Deli

If you guessed that this restaurant is home to some of the best deli-style sandwiches in town, then you would be right. The Lucky Dill Deli features some incredible sandwich options. Why go to New York when you can find New York Deli style sandwiches right in Palm Harbor? They have an entire page on their menu dedicated to “The Sandwich that Ate Brooklyn.” The original sandwiches include hot corned beef and hot pastrami sandwiches. They also have massive sandwich offerings that include The Empire State Stacker, a mouthwatering sandwich with layers of corned beef, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, and cheeses on a marble rye with all the fixings. They have so many sandwich offerings that you’ll want to keep coming back to try the next one on the menu!

Clean Eats Co.

When you’re in the mood for a healthy sandwich then look no further than Clean Eats Co. This restaurant is home to wholesome artisan sandwiches made with real, fresh ingredients. Try the turkey avocado melt made with nitrate-free turkey, fresh avocado, crisp vegetables, and creamy gouda all topped on a fresh baked roll and covered with hoisin mayo. The toasted caprese sandwich is a light and fresh tasting option made with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes on a Cuban roll and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction. The menu features multiple artisan sandwiches to fit your tastes.

Pita’s Republic

This restaurant offers a nutritious alternative to typical fast food sandwiches. Instead of the typical sandwich bread and rolls you’ll find at other restaurants, Pita’s Republic is true to their name and features sandwiches on fresh pita bread. All sandwiches are served on whole grain pita with lettuce, tomatoes, and purple onions. Try a deli cut pita like the Tuscan chicken pita or white chicken salad. The classic Republic Pitas include the feta supreme, pesto chicken, baja fish pita, and the Philly steak and cheese. They even offer vegetarian pita options like the hummus and falafel or the eggplant feta for those that prefer their sandwiches without meat.


This vegetarian and vegan restaurant is focused on pure food and pure satisfaction. Many of the vegetarian dishes here can be easily made vegan upon request. For example, feta can be swapped for kalamata olives in certain dishes. The sandwich delicacies at Consciousness-Blossoms feature favorites such as the reuben sandwich with marinated and grilled tempeh on multigrain bread with sauerkraut and homemade dressing. Vegetarians and vegans alike will love the grilled cheese because the cheese can be made vegan as well. Hummus pita sandwiches are another favorite, as well as the Hawaiian dream sandwich made with grilled soy ham, grilled pineapple, and crisp veggies on multigrain toast.