The Florida Civil Human Rights Act states that employers legally cannot discriminate against employees or potential employees based on the color of their skin, religion, sex, race, age, handicap, or disability. This act and other federal and state laws are set in place to protect individuals from workplace discrimination. Even with these laws in place, people still find themselves victims of employment discrimination.

Employment discrimination takes many forms. You may find that you have been wrongfully terminated due to personal reasons such as your skin color or a pregnancy. In some cases of employment discrimination, you may find that you have been denied a promotion or advancement for illegal reasons. Some people are denied employment during the hiring process based on any of the factors mentioned above. Whichever form of employment discrimination you face, there are repercussions for your employer should you take legal action.

If you have experienced employment discrimination then enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer can help you take action against the employer. An attorney will enforce the federal and state laws that are in place to protect you. It can be extremely difficult to succeed when filing a lawsuit without an employment discrimination lawyer.

Consulting with an employment discrimination attorney will help you determine if your case is valid and you have grounds for legal action. If you find yourself in a discriminatory situation but are unsure of whether or not to contact an employment discrimination lawyer then you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have concerns about how you are being treated at work?
  • Do you feel you are being discriminated against in the workplace?
  • Are you considering quitting because of the discriminatory treatment?
  • Are you unwilling to discuss the treatment for fear of retaliation?
  • Are you otherwise qualified for the job but discriminated against for personal reasons?
  • Do you know of other employees in the workforce that are facing similar discrimination but are afraid to speak up?
  • Do you have evidence that your termination or failure to receive a promotion was illegal?
  • Have you faced financial damages because of discrimination at your place of employment?

Asking yourself these questions can help you determine if you should involve the help of an attorney. However, these questions alone should not be the only determining factor in pursuing legal help.

If you feel you have been discriminated against then you should reach out to an experienced attorney. The attorney will help you file your claim. Employment discrimination claims may be filed with either the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the state Florida Commission of Human Relations (FCHR). In some cases, you may want to file with both. Your attorney will evaluate your case and help you make your claim with the proper agency.

An experienced employment discrimination attorney will understand employment laws and the court system when it comes to filing employment discrimination claims. Large employers,in particular, may have a strong legal team that they use in discrimination cases such as yours. Without the help of an attorney you run the risk of the employer’s attorneys making it extremely difficult for you to collect compensation for your damages. An attorney will fight for your rights and the best possible compensation.