The natural beauty and warm climate of the state of Florida makes the city of Palm Harbor, Florida, an excellent spot for outdoor parks. You’ll find breathtaking nature scenes and kid-friendly amenities at these parks. Here are some of the best parks to spend a sunny afternoon in the city of Palm Harbor.

John Chestnut Sr. Park

This park has some of the best nature trails in the area. Spend the day enjoying a leisurely hike on the shaded trails. There are multiple playgrounds, a baseball field, volleyball court, and boat ramp. It’s the perfect place to bring a lunch with its spacious picnic areas. A boardwalk is available for a scenic nature walk that leads to a lookout tower. You’ll enjoy spotting the wildlife at this park such as alligators, turtles, deer, and a variety of birds. Part of the park includes a dog park so your pup can enjoy the day outside with you.

Chestnut Park Paw Playground

This park is part of the John Chestnut Sr. Park. This leash free dog park is the perfect place to bring your four-legged family member with you to enjoy the great outdoors. This dog park features plenty of room for your pup to run around and play with the other dogs. The area is nice and shaded. It’s well-kept, fully fenced in, and clean. You’ll find a cooling station with showers and dog-level water fountains for your dogs to stay hydrated.

Wall Springs Park

This park is part of the Pinellas County Parks and Preserves. Wall Springs Park was once used as a bathing area and spa. This is because it’s a natural spring. The park is now home to many amenities that include bike racks, a boardwalk and nature trail, a 35-foot observation tower, educational and informational displays, and ample parking. You’ll find a playground, pier, and picnic shelters and grills. If you have a saltwater fishing license then you’ll want to stop by the park to do some fishing. Be sure to look out for wildlife during your visit. You may spot animals such as reptiles, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and birds.

Wall Springs Park boasts an interesting history. The Wall family initially owned the park and called it “Wall Springs.” Once they sold it to the Davis family it was renamed the “Health Springs” and used as a health spa. The property was sold once again in 1948 to the Cullen family, that gave it back its original “Wall Springs” name and kept it as a recreational area. Pinellas County began acquiring the property in the late 1980s. The county bought the surrounding property until Wall Springs became approximately 210 acres in size. Today, swimming is no longer allowed in the spring because of the disruption to the ecosystem, but the temperature of the spring stays a near constant 74 degrees.

Philippe Park

This is another park that belongs to Pinellas County. It features a mile long shoreline, picnic areas, and fishing. The Temple Mound in the park was built by Native Americans. It’s the largest remaining mound in the Tampa Bay region and is registered with the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Phillippe Park holds plenty of historical significance and is also the oldest park in the county.